Is Groestlcoin Mining Proftiable?

At the time of this writing, Groestlcoin mining is profitable, especially if you have access to cheap or free electricity. Here’s a chart displaying the profitability of Groestlcoin mining. Keep in mind as the future value of Groestlcoin increases, your profit will increase.

How to Mine Groestlcoin

If you are looking to build a completely new miner, you will need the following components. Motherboard, CPU, Memory, GPU, PSU, a Case, Hard Drive, Operating System and Risers. Below we will compare and contrast your options in each slot.

Best Groestlcoin Mining Hardware

Top Groestlcoin Mining GPUS

</table> ## Top Groestlcoin Mining Motherboard
Miner Hash Rate Cost Purchase</th </tr>
Radeon RX Vega 30 MH/s $900 Best Price Here
Motherboard PCI-E Slots Cost Purchase
Asus Prime Z270 7 $180 Best Price Here
## Best Groestlcoin Mining CPU Next up, is the CPU. CPU mining is a thing of the past, as GPU's are more powerful. However, a miner still needs a CPU to function. This is a miner slot we can afford to be cheap on! </table> ## Best Groestlcoin RAM
CPU Cost Purchase</th </tr>
Intel Celeron G3900 $40 Best Price Here
</table> ## Best Groestlcoin Hardrive
RAM Cost Purchase</th </tr>
Ballistix Sport LT 8GB $40 Best Price Here
</table> ## Best Groestlcoin Power Supply PSU The EVGA 1000 GQ is pretty much required if you decide to mine with over 3 GPU's. Any less than 3, go with the Kingeston A
RAM Cost Purchase</th </tr>
Kingston A400 $50 Best Price Here
</table> ## Best Groestlcoin Case Cases, outside of wiring and cooling, are all cosmetic. I wouldn't know what case looks best to you, but I will show you one I like! Depending on how many GPU's you are using, this case may not work. A lot of times people make their own cases to fit the space they are mining in. The [Corsair Carbide Case]({:target="_blank"} provides style with a relatively low cost. Expect great airflow and spacing from this case. ## Best Groestlcoin Mining Operating System The operating system for your miner doesn't matter a whole lot. [Windows 10]({:target="_blank"} is my operating system of choice. ## Best Groestlcoin Mining Risers I would reccomend this 6 pack of [VICTONY PCI-E Risers]({:target="_blank"}. ## What is the Best Groestlcoin Mining Pool The best Groestlcoin mining pool is without a doubt the [SuprNova Mining Pool]( It has 0% fees, how can you argue with that! Check out our guide on [Groestl mining pools](/mining/pools/groestlcoin/){:target="_blank"}. ## Why Mine GroestlCoin? I think Groestlcoin is a great coin to mine as their project is undervalued. They also are ASIC resitant, so you don't need a $3,000+ miner to compete. ## What Program Should I Use to Mine Groestlcoin? Download [CCMiner](, it is the only miner I have experience with for Groestlcoin. Read an indepth guide [here:](
Power Supply Power Output Cost Purchase</th </tr>
EVGA 1000 GQ $50 Best Price Here
Corsair HX1000i $50 Best Price Here