Buy Siacoin with Credit Card and Debit Card

The best way to obtain Siacoin with credit and debit cards is by buying Bitcoin with your credit or debit card using Coinbase, and then trading your Bitcoin for Siacoin on an exchange such as Bittrex.

How to Buy Siacoin with Bank Transfer

Just like credit and debit cards, the best methods of buying Siacoin with a bank transfer or wire is by buying Bitcoin on Coinbase, and then transfering it to Bittrex to buy Siacoin. All will be explained below, with clear pictures and steps!

Siacoin Exchanges

Exchange Countries Fees
Bittrex Everywhere .25%

Step 2: Moving Bitcoin or Ethereum to Bittrex

After aquiring Bitcoin/Ethereum, you will need to move it to the cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges only allow cryptocurrency to be purchased with Bitcoin or Ethereum. That is why we need to convert our money to cryptocurrency, and then send the purchased cryptocurrency to an exchange where our coin is sold.

In order to send our Bitcoin or Ethereum to Bittrex, you will need locate your Bittrex deposit address.

This can be found on Bittrex by going to the navigation bar, clicking Wallets and locating the currency you are trying to deposit. This example will use Bitcoin, but Ethereum is another option.

After you locate the cryptocurrency on the deposits page, click the + sign to reveal your deposit address.

SendBittrex SendBittrex

Now that we have our deposit address, we will need to send it from Coinbase. Click the send tab as seen below, and copy and paste it into the recipient box. Click confirm and wait for your currency to arrive to Bittrex!

SendCoinbase Send Bittrex

Step 3: Buy some Siacoin!

After sending your cryptocurrency to Bittrex, you will want to go to the cooresponding market page of the cryptocurrency you sent.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum

Once you are on the correct page, you can enter the amount, and ratio of the Siacoin you want to buy. The ratio is the price to BTC or ETH per Siacoin. Look at the order book to see what it they are currently going for.


Congrats, you now own Siacoin. Learn how to store Siacoin securely in the section below.

How to Buy Siacoin with Changelly

Siacoin is not currently sold on Changelly. If this changes we will update the page!

Look at one of our other methods if you planned on using Changelly.

How to Buy Siacoin with PayPal

Due to Paypal’s chargeback feature, buying Siacoin with Paypal takes a few extra steps. The exchange VirWoX allows you to convert paypal balance into Bitcoin. Read our tutorial on this conversion. Once you have obtained Bitcoin, you can send it to Bittrex just like the above example!

Step 4: How to Store you Siacoin, Securely!