This guide will cover Ardor wallets in depth. If you are interested in purchasing Ardor, check out our other guide on buying Ardor.

Wallet Security Rank Cost Platform
Official Ardor B Free Software
Freewallet B Free Software/Mobile

Hardware Wallets

There are currently no supported hardware wallets for Ardor, NXT and Ignis. If this changes, we will update the guide!

Software Wallets

Official Ardor Wallet Setup Guide

This guide will include pictures and steps from the Mac version. Other platforms will have similat steps.

  1. Download the official wallet and choose the download for your operating system.
  2. Drag the application into your applications folder and choose your language.
  3. Hit next until you reach the end. You will be asked if you want to run on the main net or test net. Choose main net and light node.
  4. Open the application, and create a new account. You will be given a passphrase, this should be copied down and kept sopmewhere safe. This sequence of words can be used to recover your account in the event your computer breaks or is stolen etc. Check the box stating that you will not forget the phrase to continue!
  5. You will be prompted for that same phrase to ensure that you recorded it correctly.
  6. We are now in the wallet. From here, you can send, recieve and more.

ArdorWalletSetup ArdorWalletSetup


Ardor is able to be stored on Freewallet, along with several other cryptocurrencies. This can be downloaded through the google play store, so I assume it could be used on Android as well.

Online Wallets

There are currently no online wallets that we reccomend for Ardor. It is ok to leave Ardor and other cryptocurrencies on exchange in smaller amounts.

Mobile Wallets

There are currently no Ardor iPhone wallets that I would reccomend. If you have an android, Freewallet on the google play store is an option.