This guide will cover DigixDAO wallets in depth, if you are interested in purchasing the currency, check out our other guide on buying DigixDAO.

Wallet Security Rank Cost Platform
Ledger Nano S A+ 79€/$96 Hardware
Ledger Blue A+ 229€/$280 Hardware
Trezor A+ 89€ /$108 Hardware
myEtherWallet B Free Online
Eidoo B Free Mobile/Software

Hardware Wallets

Ledger Nano S Wallet Setup Guide

Using the Micro-USB cable included in the box, connect your computer and Ledger Nano S.

Upon activation, you will be prompted for a pin code. This code is entered when you are trying to access the device anytime it is accessed after being off. This is the first line of security.

Using the left and right buttons to cycle up and down, create your pin code.

Click in both buttons when you are ready to continue. The PIN code should be AT LEAST 4 characters long, but the longer the better.

Next, you will be shown the 24 word recovery phrase. This is extremely important to remember, and should be written down and secured somewhere safe.

Using the right button to cycle the words, continue until you reach the last word. You will now be asked to confirm the index location of a word.

This is basically confirming your list contains the words in the correct order. This recovery is very important for recovering your coins if the Ledger is broken or stolen.

Using Google Chrome, download the Ledger Manager application. This app is basically your computers interface for the Ledger Wallet.

Next, go to myEtherWallet and click the Send Ether and Tokens Tab, where you will see an option for the Ledger Wallet.

Below is an example of a myEtherWallet Address, but you should send your ERC-20 coins to YOUR Ethereum Wallet Address.


ERC-20 tokens stored on the Ethereum address can be viewed through myEtherWallet or Ethplorer.

Trezor ERC-20 Wallet Setup Guide

Coming soon!

Software Wallets


Store DigixDAO on Eidoo

Eidoo is a mobile wallet that can store several cryptocurrencies, including DigixDAO. To get started, download the Eidoo wallet for your phone. It is available on the iPhone and Android.

After downloading the app, you will be taken to the screen seen in image 1. You have the option to create a new wallet, or restore a past wallet. Click create new wallet and accept the terms of service.

Choose a secure password, this password is asked upon the opening of the wallet.

Next, you will learn about a backup phrase, which can be used to access your wallet on other devices/wallets. To be shown the phrase, enter the password you created in the earlier step.

You will see a list of 12 words, which make up your backup phrase. Keep these in a secure location, as anyone with this phrase has access to your wallet. Eidoo will now quiz you, ensuring that you have written down the passphrase. To be as secure as possible, do not expose this phrase to the outside world. I reccomend writing it down on paper, and then keeping the paper in a safe.

We have now setup the Eidoo wallet. To send coins to the wallet, click the QR code seen in the top right corner.

Online Wallets


DigixDAO is a coin that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain, which means that it can be stored on myEtherWallet.

To start using myEtherWallet, you will need to come up with a secure password. At the minimum, your password should be 9 characters long. After entering a password, press create new wallet. You will be taken to this screen where it asks to download a keystore file. This keystore file is an encrypted private key, that gives you access to your funds. Please make a backup of this file, by storing another copy of it on a USB or other storage device. If you lose this, it is very difficult to recover your coins.

DigixDAO on myEtherWALLET DigixDAO on myEtherWallet

After clicking “I understand”, it will ask you show you your private key, that is un encrypted. You can print a paper wallet through the website if you would like. A paper wallet is a document that contains all the neccesary data to access your cryptocurrency. Usually containing QR Codes and your private keys.

Next, it will ask you how you would like to access your wallet. We just downloaded our encrypted private key, so we will access it using this. Press “Keystore/JSON File”, and select the encrypted private key file you just downloaded. Press unlock and we are pretty much done! Your public address will be shown below. This is where you can send your ERC-20 Coins. ERC-20 Coins are any cryptocurrency that runs on the ethereum blockchain.