This guide will cover Dogecoin wallets in depth, if you are interested in purchasing the currency, check out our other guide on buying Dogecoin.

Wallet Security Rank Cost Platform
Ledger Nano S A+ 79€/$96 Hardware
Ledger Blue A+ 229€/$280 Hardware
Trezor A+ 89€ /$108 Hardware
Official Dogecoin B Free Software
Coinomi B Free Software
Jaxx B Free Software

Hardware Wallets

Ledger Nano S Wallet Setup Guide

Using the Micro-USB cable included in the box, connect your computer and Ledger Nano S.

Upon activation, you will be prompted for a pin code. This code is entered when you are trying to access the device anytime it is accessed after being off. This is the first line of security.

Using the left and right buttons to cycle up and down, create your pin code.

Click in both buttons when you are ready to continue. The PIN code should be AT LEAST 4 characters long, but the longer the better.

Next, you will be shown the 24 word recovery phrase. This is extremely important to remember, and should be written down and secured somewhere safe.

Using the right button to cycle the words, continue until you reach the last word. You will now be asked to confirm the index location of a word.

This is basically confirming your list contains the words in the correct order. This recovery is very important for recovering your coins if the Ledger is broken or stolen.

Using Google Chrome, download the Ledger Manager application. This app is basically your computers interface for the Ledger Wallet.

Next, go to myEtherWallet and click the Send Ether and Tokens Tab, where you will see an option for the Ledger Wallet.

Below is an example of a myEtherWallet Address, but you should send your ERC-20 coins to YOUR Ethereum Wallet Address.


ERC-20 tokens stored on the Ethereum address can be viewed through myEtherWallet or Ethplorer.

Trezor ERC-20 Wallet Setup Guide

Doge can technically be stored on a Trezor but is somewhat difficult and not reccomended for beginners. Here is a reddit thread about the process.

Software Wallets

Official Dogecoin Wallet

To get started with the official Dogecoin wallet, download it here. It has Mac, PC, Linux and mobile download options, so choose the one that best suits you.

Here is image off the Dogecoin website that explains the setup process!


Coinomi is a multicoin mobile wallet that supports several coins. It is available on Android and iPhone. To get started, go to the Coinomi wallets page and download the correct version for your device. This tutorial will show how to set up Coinomi with an iPhone, but outside of the first few steps it should be the same for Android users.

Coinomi is currently in an open beta, so they will need to send your email an invite link first. The invite link will need to be entered on Testflight an app that allows beta testing.

Open testflight and after accepting their terms of service, enter the Coinomi beta code sent in the email.

Open Coinomi, and you will be prompted to create a new wallet, or restore an old wallet. For most of you, you will want to create a new wallet, but if you are trying to access a past wallet, you can use the restore a wallet option.

After clicking create a wallet, you will be shown an 18 word passphrase. You have the option to make it 24 words for extra security. For the purposes of this tutorial, I will use a 18 word passphrase. After writing down your passphrase, you will be shown all the words that made up your passphrase. Click each one, in order, until all the words are clicked.

Click next at the top right corner, and you will now be asked for a password. Enter a secure password, this password will be entered anytime you open the wallet.

The next screen will ask you which coins you want to show up in your wallets interface. You can always change this later, so don’t worry about which ones you pick too much. Since this is a Dogecoin tutorial we will choose Dogecoin as one of the options.

Once on the screen below, click on Dogecoin, and you will have options to send or recieve on the bottom. If you click recieve, your deposit address will be shown. This address is important if you want to send from an exchange to your wallet, or if a friend is trying to pay you.

You can also click send, which will give you fields to enter an address (where you are sending the doge) and the amount of Doge that you are sending.

We are now done setting up our Dogecoin Coinomi wallet! Please note that mobile wallets are convenient for smaller amounts, but for maximum security and cold storage, a Ledger Nano S should be used.


Jaxx is another multicoin wallet that has a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. It has a mobile, desktop wallet and web wallet version. I would say the desktop wallet is the most secure, and the web is the least secure.

To setup the desktop version, download the correct version for your system. This tutorial will show how to install Jaxx on Mac, but besides the first couple steps the setup should be the same!

After downloading, open the application. You will be asked to create a new wallet, or restore a past wallet. Click create a new wallet, unless you are trying to access a past wallet.

You will next have the choice of choosing custom or express. Click express and move to the next screen. From here, you will be asked to choose what cryptocurrencies you want the interface to support.

I am going to click Dogecoin and Bitcoin in this tutorial, but depending on what cryptocurrency you are trying to store you will click the corresponding option.

We have now set up our wallet, to find your Dogecoin deposit address, click Dogecoin on the navigation Bar.

Online Wallets

The only Dogecoin web wallet that I can reccomend is the Jaxx chrome extension. Hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano S will always be a more secure option.