After buying IOTA on Binance, you will probably want a place to store them. I do not like to leave my cryptocurrency on exchanges because then I do not hold the private keys for my coins! In the event of an exchange hack, all of your coins can be stolen. This guide will tell you all of the places IOTA can be stored.

Best IOTA Hardware Wallets

At the time of this writing, there are no IOTA Hardware wallets that I would reccomend. There are rumors of Trezor and Ledger adding IOTA support, so stay tuned for that.

Best IOTA IOS Wallet

Currently there are no Android IOTA wallets that I would reccomend. If this changes, I will update the post.

Best IOTA Android Wallet

At the time of this writing, there are no IOTA Android wallets, that I trust or would reccomend. If in the future an Offical or trusted version comes out, I will update the post!

Best IOTA Desktop Wallet

The best desktop IOTA desktop wallet is the Offical IOTA Wallet. Below is a tutorial on how to set up the wallet for Mac. This will be very similar for Windows and Linux.

Mac Installation Steps

Step 1: Drag the IOTA Wallet into your applications. IOTA

Step 2: Open the IOTA Wallet, if your Mac shows a popup saying this application is not trusted, try right clicking and the pressing open. This download file is 100% safe!

Step 3: Next up, it will ask you to run a light or full node. I highly reccomend using the light version. If you decide to run a full node, you will download the entire tangle, which requires your computer to have Java. It will then ask you to pick a host. I chose the first option,


Step 4: Enter a Seed! An IOTA Seed is a unique passcode to access your IOTA Wallet. Please keep this to yourself. A proper IOTA Seed is 81 characters long, containing capital letters, and the number 9. You can come up with your own seed, or use the website At the bottom of, you will see your seed encoded as mnemonic words, save these words somewhere safe! Incase your seed is lost, you can recover it with those words.

Step 5: We are pretty much done! You can send or recieve IOTA by clicking the corresponding buttons. If you want recieve IOTA from soneone, click receieve and your public address will be revealed! If you click send, you will see an option to add a prefix. The prefixes are i, Ki, Mi, Gi, Ti. These correspond to the amount of IOTA you are sending. When you buy IOTA from an exchange, you are buying MEGA IOTA. Here is a table explaining the prefixes.


These increase by orders of magnitude by powers of 10.

Teraiota Ti = 1,000,000,000,000

Gigaiota Gi = 1,000,000,000

Megaiota Mi = 1,000,000

Kiliiota Ki = 1,000

Iota i = 1